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            Congratulations on Selong's becoming an application and cultivation enterprise of artificial intelligence industry in Zhejiang Province


            Recently, after the voluntary declaration of enterprises, the recommendation of local economic and information departments, and the organization of expert selection by Zhejiang Provincial Department of economy and information technology, 12 leading artificial intelligence enterprises (colleges and universities), 45 industry application benchmarking enterprises, 23 industry application cultivation enterprises, 25 typical application fields and 65 excellent solutions (products) in Zhejiang Province were determined and announced. Three enterprises in Nanhu District, including bluedove technology, DPCA and Wentai communication, were listed in four of the five top lists.


            Selong lightning protection made its debut in Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition with warm atmosphere!


            On May 24, 2016, the highly anticipated Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition officially opened. Although the weather in Shanghai is slightly hot, the atmosphere of Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition is still in full swing.


            Selong xiangziwan outdoor activities


            As the saying goes: there is no outdoor spring without a spring outing, which is incomplete; in the outdoor, find spring; in the outdoor, drink the spring; in the outdoor, drink the spring;


            Understanding turbidity sensor


            The working principle of turbidity sensor sensor: when the light passes through a certain amount of water, the amount of light penetration depends on the amount of dirt in the water. When the amount of dirt increases, the light penetrating the water sample decreases. The turbidity sensor measures the amount of light passing through to calculate the turbidity of washing water.


            Understanding water level sensor


            The water level sensor is one of the sensors. Its main function is to control the water level, ensure the water level of the washing machine in the working process and judge the water level.


            Understanding the pump


            Delivery pump is a kind of pump which relies on motor to drive the piston to and fro in a sealed body. The one-way valve is used to control the one-way flow of liquid at the inlet and outlet, and the volume change of working space generated in the reciprocating motion of piston is used to transport liquid. The piston pump uses the motor to drive the cam mechanism to drive the piston movement. When the piston moves outwards, the volume of the sealing chamber space increases from small to large, forming a vacuum. The inlet check valve is opened, and the outlet check valve is closed to suck in the liquid. When the piston moves inward, the volume of the sealing cavity space changes from large to small, the outlet check valve is opened, the inlet one-way valve is closed, and the liquid is squeezed into the pipeline. So as to realize the function of automatic delivery.

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