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            BYX-BNC audio and video signal surge protector

            Audio and video signal spd for surge protection of satellite communications, broadcasting and television, video monitoring system, including TV, radio, audio and video equipment field of security. The product conforms to the GB/T18802.21-2004 standard.

            kinds of function


            1) multilevel protection circuit, residual pressure, strong protective ability.
            2) the pressure limiting and current limiting element selects the brand, performance is stable and reliable.
            3) through flow capacity, fast response speed.
            4) wide frequency band, low insertion loss.
            5) High transmission efficiency, strong anti-interference ability.
            6) resistence 50. Or 75 optional.
            7) convenient and flexible installation, simple and practical maintenance.
            8) DIN rail type, equipped with all kinds of coaxial interface, to meet the different needs of clients

            name schedule

            technical prarmeters

            rated operational voltage Uopv(V) 200(1N50Hz)
            Maximum continuous operating voltage Ucpv(V) 320  
            throuh currentI(kA) 10
            AC withstand ability(A/次) 2/5
            The impact resistance ability (kA/次) 1.5/10
            Voltage protection level Up(kV) 700 
            failure mood of over-load mood 2

            plug loss(dB)

            < 0.5
            kinds of connection Power supply and control terminals video BNC
            proection mood  all modules
            material of body Aluminum plate
            protection class IP20

            shape and dimensions

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