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            KS-2 water level switch

            KS series water level?switch is a component designed for checking water level. According to the water level, the product will switch to different circuit to the supply/drain solenoid valve of the appliance.

            Basic parameters and main technical performance index

              Contact capacity



              Insulation resistance The live parts and exposed non current carrying metal DC500V voltage is applied to its insulation resistance should be greater than 100MΩ
              Electrical strength The AC1500V, 50Hz voltage applied between a conductive part and non conductive part of metal continuous 1min, or AC50Hz 1875V/1s, should be no flashover or breakdown phenomenon.
            Water level Water level of action

            118mm±5mm (1-3Switch on)

            Water level of reset 98mm±5mm  (1-3break)
            Water level of water flow 350mm±15mm (1-6Switch on)
              Terminal specification 0.8mm×6.3mm
              Free fall  At the height of 0.3m, for arbitrary free fall in more than 20mm thick board 3, components in any respect are not damaged, no abnormal action.
              Stable movement  From the air inlet and water pressure to make the switch action 10 times in a row, measure the action level, its change value should be less than 5mm.
              Shell heat torrence Through 850 ℃ glow wire test
              Humidity test Place water level switch at a temperature of 40 ±2℃ and 95% relative humidity environment placed 48 h, inside the direct measurement of conductive part exposed conductive part and non between insulation resistance should be greater than 2MΩ, after 30 min recovery, should be consistent with the requirements of voltage resistance, insulation resistance. High water level change is no more than ±20mmH2O

              The life of contact On the condition of applying the rated voltage and rated current, selection of high water level, according to the use state of work more than 20000 times, should be able to work normally.

              Environmental requirements The products and packaging are in line with the EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU

            Using the normal work conditions

             Environmental temperature ranges from 0℃ to 50℃.Altitude can not be higher than 2500 meters.
            Comparative wetness should be less than ninety percents.(when the temperature is more than 25℃)
            There is not gas,steam,chemical deposition, dust,explosive and corrosive medium to affect the insulation in the working place.
            There is not serious vibration and bumping in the working place.

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